Made myself a pillow, quite chuffed even though I have 3 burned fingers 👍

Timestamp: 1412117586

It's funny how he speaks to me all the time when your not there but when your there he ignores me, just fuck off he wants me

Wow, not being funny but if he wanted you, he’d leave me. He knows what he wants and if he wanted you he’d go to you. And for the speaking thing, i have to go because all i can smell is bullshit, sorry <3

Had so much fun with him today ;) he'll leave you soon so why don't you do him a favour and fuck off

I had so much fun aswell m888 

Hope your enjoying my calls ;)

thanks makes me feel popular :)

Mew mew power case I made :)

Timestamp: 1411947056

Making some bows to sell :)

Timestamp: 1411684675

I'm having such a good day with him ;)


Hairs menna be red and purple >.<

Timestamp: 1411561698

My psycho mask

Timestamp: 1411554384