How do you not see he's cheatin on you? Are you fucking stupid? He doesn't want you he's always telling me he wants me so why don't you leave him already yeah? Pathetic slut

Why should I give you the satisfaction of dumping him just so you can lay your filthy hands on him? Here’s a scenario for you;

Imagine I dumped him, then whoever the fuck you are tried to malestor him and got with him. Then if this is who I think it is, (as it has been for the past 5 months), you’d go out with him, treat him like utter shit and cheat on him.

Now imagine this;

2) I stay with him, you get jealous because I have a gorgeous boyfriend with a great butt and treat him like a king and make him happy for however long we’re together (hopefully a long time). 

Now me being me, I care for Martin and if anyone hurts him I shall spray pesticide in their fucking eyeballs, so the 1st scenario involves him being hurt a hell of a lot, and being with a complete psycho that constantly messages me and him on accounts being anonymous trying to split us up (by the way, good one). This being said, I am not going to leave him so you can get the satisfaction of seeing us apart, which you are obviously CRAVING for from all the asks and tumblrs and instagrams, and the fact that you would probably treat him like shit and make him feel like he’d want to pull his intestines out of his arsehole. 

SO LONG STORY SHORT, please piss off before I punch you so hard the skin falls off your face and I use your skull for a nice decorative ornament in my living room.


I look gross but my eyes look blue as fooooooook

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Loving my new hair 💕

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Mew mew power 💕 #mewmewpower #drawings #tokyomewmew

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#nomakeup #natural #ohwaitisthatawig? Massive thanks to @geishawigs for this gorgeous specimen!

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